Location 3 - Drćevac


area: 3,6ha

planted: sour cherry


The aim of increasing the level of product safety, as well as the need to ensure the safe supply of quality raw materials, contributed to Strela's developmental path in recent years. Since 2012, Strela has been making significant efforts to form own plantations. On a total area of 84ha, sour cherries and plums are planted.

All plantations are GLOBAL GAP certified and represent the source of the raw material that is strictly controlled treated and safe for end consumers.

Sour cherry Oblacinska is planted on 60ha in 6 different locations nearby the cold store. On one of the plots, there is a sour cherry in the conversion period and will be soon certified as an organic product.

At the location Drćevac, at a distance of 15km from the cold store, a sour cherry is planted and spreads on a surface of 3,6ha. This parcel is in the process of organic certification and is currently in the first year of conversion.


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