(lat. Boletus edulis and related group)


Packaging: cartons or commerical packages 

Sorting: per request


About Porcini mushrooms

Boletus edulis, known as Cep, Porcini or Penny-bun Bolete, is a most sought-after edible wild mushroom.

Porcini mushrooms are a cult favourite in the culinary arts because of their rich flavour and numerous health benefits. They are, for example, high on antioxidants and a good source of proteins.

The colour of the boletus ranges from white, light brown, brown, dark brown to red, while inside the stalk it is white.



Fresh boletus is gathered in ecological areas all over Serbia, far away from any pollution, typical for big cities and industrial regions. That is why it could be well said that edible boletus belongs to the rank of ecologically healthy food, enriched by nutritious ingredients specific for that kind.


Processing and packaging

Well cleaned fresh boletus is cut and dried in a drier (Classification: S) or in the sun (Classification: O).

Sorted in different categories, the goods are packed into cartons, and if agreed, into commercial packages as well. The sorting is done in dependence on colour, size and presence of bites.